Here, you can download for free my original jazz influenced compositions.
 Cafe Aurevoir
The only song from the early cassette days I'm including here. A melodic waltz featuring acoustic piano and vibe solos.
Time 5:28
 Pez Nation
No doubt about it; America truly is the Pez Nation.
Time 4:42
 One Good Turn
I was eating some chocolate covered pretzels and, well, things got out of hand. Next thing I know this piano tune, sometimes graceful, sometimes zippy, was ready for shipping.
Time 3:16
 Poco A Poco
Spanish for "little by little" reflecting the short horn phrases, and how anything worthwhile is accomplished. Geetar 'n sax!
Time 4:00
 The Next Time
Smooth jazz guitar tune with a funky clavinet groove to soothe your funk bone.
Time 4:30
(Remixed, 4/14/06.) Formerly #1 in the Jazz category at! Upbeat Caribbeanesque melody. Dig those Salsa horns!
Time 4:08
 It Must Be Nice
Smooth as a velvet smoking jacket. Pour a martini and get in the mood. You'll be whistling this tune with amorous intent. Expect vibe and upright bass solos.
Time 4:48
 Cold Sun
A moody piece featuring acoustic piano and nylon string guitar, evoking images of contrast.
Time 4:48
Smooth jazz format with a kick, featuring guitar a la solo and roasted piano, smothered with a spicy hot groove sauce.
Time 5:29
 All The Marbles
This one pounds the pavement, and the contestants are playing for keeps! An instrumental rocker, not jazz.
Time 3:50
 Lido Groove
Inspired by the cool casual attire of the Love Boat crew. As you listen, just try not to think about Dr. Adam Bricker's shorts.
Time 5:13
 Stranger In TV Land
As you surf through the channels, don't be surprised if a guitar distortionist leaps onto the screen and tries to show off a little. Remember, you're in control!  Zap!  HAHAHA!
Time 3:23
 Spectral Shift
It's all a matter of perspective, you know?
Time 4:02
 Move The Mountain
Have a little faith!
Time 5:36
Say, that's some mighty fancy footwork there, soldier...
Time 4:46
 The Maaze
Spelled with two a's so you know it's extra tricky!
Time 4:40
 Twice Already
Not terribly un-Chet like, with nylon string guitar and a jazz break right out of the text books. Translation: happy tune! 11/16/08
Time 4:25
If you could layer stratocasters into a casserole, it might taste or sound something like this. 7/31/10
Time 3:40
 The Happy Plunderer
Hopefully, the first of a "Firesign Suite". Look it up. 1/6/11
Time 3:09
 Sailing in Dreams
Oooh, "Sailing in Dreams", la dee da. This better send me...
Added 7/14/13
Time 4:17
 Mulberry Blues
Not too much blues, just the right amount of Mulberry goodness! Added 7/14/13
Time 4:01
 More or Less
  the Same
The wife commented, "Haven't you already written that?" *Sigh* Hence the name... Added 10/7/18
Time 4:03
 Risky Proposition
At a rehearsal many years ago, I proposed adding a modulation to a blues filler tune. I was met with stares that ranged from
incredulity to disdain. Added 12/13/19
Time 4:14
 All This Time
Some jazzy and rocking grooves to hopefully lift spirits during
this worrisome time. Added 3/30/20
Time 5:04