My Personal Guitar Stage Rig

Due to lower back issues, I wanted a lightweight stage gear setup.
I thought dangit, its the 21st century. Are any of these floor modelers decent enough to go straight to PA?
Tone-wise, My favorite of the lot I had a chance to audition was the Vox Tonelab LE. Used it for about 6 years. Currently however I'm using the Line 6 HD500. Decent tone but a LOT more flexibility.

So on the floor I have the HD500 and a modified Behringer FCV100 volume pedal used as Expression Pedal 2.
The "Rack" is actually a home-built platform/case and contains the wireless guitar receiver, wireless in-ear transmitter, local mixer and power supply for the floor end.
To inter-connect I use the PedalSnake cable system. Proprietor Jody Page was an old band mate from back in nineteen hundred and froze to death. I contacted him and ordered the pieces and parts (base snake and pigtails).
Check out his website for the nitty and the gritty of it: PedalSnake

Here's a diagram of the system:
Output from the Line 6 G30 receiver goes to the input of the HD500. Unbalanced stereo output from the HD500 returns on a stereo line to the Instrument input of the local mixer, a Rolls PM351.
Stereo balanced outputs on the HD500 go direct to PA. No direct box needed.
The local mixer also outputs a stereo signal to the Galaxy Audio AS1100 wireless transmitter. The mixer has a line level input for a monitor send from the PA system, and an input for vocal microphone. The vocal mic routes to the mixer first, then loops out to the PA. So I get to control monitoring levels for my vocal mic, my instrument and a "others" monitor mix send from the PA.
This works well, but requires that no vocal or guitar signals are sent back from the monitor mix.

Here's the "Rack". Everything mounted on a custom built case. Pop the top, make AC power and signal connections.

So I got everything down to a couple of fairly light-weight cases, all the functionality I desired to include the wonderfulness of being completely wireless.
I'm happy with the tones of the HD500 after working with it for a while. Now if I could just get some gigs...oh wait, let me take this call...
What's that Mr. booking agent? You need a guitarist for a Bikini contest?
Sigh...well OK...give me about 30 seconds to get packed up...


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